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A Confession of New Life

Apr 23, 2017

Preacher: Loren Houltberg


A Confession of New Life (Romans 6:4)



I am a new person in Christ Jesus Ephesians 4:24, walking in a new and living way Hebrews 10:20, under a new covenant Jeremiah 31:31, with a new commandment John 13:34, singing a new song Psalm 40:1-3, being filled with the new wine of joy and hope Acts 2:13, speaking in new tongues Mark 16:17, with a new purpose and power Acts 1:8, and a renewed mind Romans 12:2, with new mercies available to me every day Lamentations 3:23, heading for a new home Hebrews 11:13-14, where I will receive a new name Revelations 2:17, where all things are new Revelations 21:5.




Questions to Ponder


  1. Pick two or three of the above new things and what they mean to you and how you can do them in your life.


  1. Read this confession out loud together.