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A Gospel For A Busy World (Part 1)

Mar 05, 2017

Preacher: Loren Houltberg

Series: A Gospel For A Busy World - A Study of the Kingdom of God in the Book of Mark



Mark Chapter 1


      1.       Jesus preached the gospel of the _______________ (Mark 1:14).


      2.       A Kingdom is a land or _______________ ruled by a King.


      3.       A paraphrase of Mark 1:15 is Jesus said, "The kingdom of God is                              _______________ in your midst and I am it."


      4.       The nature of the kingdom is determined by the _____________ of the King.


      5.       The church is God’s kingdom people who have repented, believed the                 gospel and are _______________ Jesus (Mark 1:15, 17).


      6.       The kingdom of God is on the move and the gates of hell won't prevail                   against it (Matthew 16:18).


      7.       The Gospel of the Kingdom brings Christ's rule to the church, to the                       home, to the city, to the world and to the ___________________

                (Mark 1:21-42).


      8.       Here are some anti Kingdom mentalities; Zealots, bring the kingdom by

                __________________, the Essenes, withdraw and wait for God's wrath                 to come on wicked, the Pharisees, love of the Torah over a Torah of love,                 the Saducces, blend in with the __________________.







Questions to ponder


1.  What does the Kingdom of God mean to you?


2.  Give some examples of what it means to you to live under the rule of Jesus.


3.  Give some adjectives that describe the character of people living in the kingdom.


4.  How do we take the Kingdom to the places listed in question 7.


5.  Which anti Kingdom attitude are you most prone to fall prey to? (Question 8)