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Blow the Trumpet

Jan 06, 2019

Passage:Psalm 84

Preacher: Pastor Loren Houltberg


Blow the Trumpet



  1. The trumpets were blown in Israel to ______________ the congregation together and to direct their movements. (Numbers 10:1)


  1. The Lord Jesus’s voice sounded like a ______________. (Revelation 1:10)


  1. When the trumpet gives an ______________ sound the people don’t know what to do. (1 Corinthians 14:18)


  1. We blow the trumpet today for two reasons; to ______________ us why we come to church and to call us to fast and pray.


  1. We should not ______________ the assembling of ourselves together as the day of the Lord’s return draws near. (Hebrews 10:25)


  1. The Church is the ______________ of the world, the pillar and ground of ______________, and through the Church the manifold wisdom of God is shown to the world.


  1. Psalm 84 is written by a person who ______________ to be in Church.


  1. The Church is the place where sparrows and lost sheep find a ______________. (Psalm 84:3)


  1. Like the swallows, the best place to raise a ______________ is in Church. (Psalm 84:3)


  1. Church is the place where we learn to ______________ the Lord together. (Psalm 84:4)


  1. The Church is where we join ____________________________ in the Way, the Truth and the Life Jesus gives us. (Psalm 84:5)


  1. The Church is the place where I find ____________________ from others in the trials and tribulations of this life. (Psalm 84:5-6)


  1. The Church is the place where I join fellow ______________ in growing in Christ. (Psalm 84:7)


  1. The Church is where I find my place to ______________. (Psalm 84:10)


  1. The Lord God is a sun and shield and He gives grace and glory.The Church is a place where we receive revelation, protection through ______________, teaching of ______________ in Christ, and glory through His presence in worship. (Psalm 84:11)


  1. Fasting is for recommitment, release, recovery, revelation, renewed, and repentance in our relationship with God. (Joel 2:15-17)




  1. call, 2. trumpet, 3. uncertain,  4. remind, 5. forsake,  6. Light; truth,  7. loves, 8.  home,  9. family,  10. worship,  11. fellow sojourners,  12. encouragement,  13. disciples, 14. serve,  15. prayer; grace



Questions to Ponder



  1. What do you hear the trumpet of the Lord’s voice saying to you this year?


  1. Read Psalm 84 and questions 7 through 15, have you experienced these things by going to Church? Can you give an example?


  1. Why do you think people today in America are attending Church less?


  1. What has been your experience with fasting?