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NO! - What Happens When God Says NO!

Dec 30, 2018

Passage:1 Chronicles 17

Preacher: Pastor Steve Gowin



What Happens When God Says NO!

1 Chronicles 17


  1. What was in King David’s mind concerning God’s House? (1 Chronicles 17:1-2)


  1. What does God want us to learn about ourselves when He says NO!


  1. He allows us to experience sadness, loss and disappointment.

(Psalms 6:3-4)

  1. He gives us an opportunity to feel His presence, closeness and love during a difficult time. (Psalm 34:17-18)
  2. He transforms, grows and matures our patience, strength, submission and courage. (Deuteronomy 31:6)
  3. He wants you to choose to become more compassionate and understanding towards others. (Ephesians 4:32)
  4. Don’t isolate yourself but gather with other Christians and be encouraged. (Hebrews 10:25)
  5. That NO! is as much of God’s will as yes and wait are.


  • What does God want us to learn about Him when He tells us NO?

(Isaiah 55:6-9)


  1. Seek and turn towards God because He is near and offers mercy and pardon. (Verses 6-7)
  2. God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours. (Verses 8-9)


  1. God has a bigger perspective (Higher). (Hebrews 4:13-14)
  2. God has a better plan (Way). (Isaiah 55:8-9)
  3. God has a fair reaching purpose (Thoughts). (Psalm 138:8)


  1. Conclusions
  2. What are we magnifying in private and in public? (Focus)
  3. God or your problems.
  4. What God has done through you or what you didn’t get.
  5. Pray for God’s perspective, Plans and Purposes
  6. It is not all about what I want, but becoming who and what God wants me to be!!!
  7. His will is often hard work and painful.
  8. Are you GROWING older.




Points to Ponder



  1. What has God said yes to you?


  1. What have you had to wait for?


  1. Has God given you some NO’s?


  1. What have you learned about yourself from God’s saying NO?


  1. What have you learned about God from Him telling you NO?


  1. What are you choosing to magnify?


  1. What part of God’s will have been hard work and painful?


  1. Are you growing older?