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Our Father in Heaven Week 1

Oct 07, 2018

Passage:Malachi 1-2

Preacher: Pastor Loren Houltberg

Series: Our Father in Heaven


Our Father in Heaven Who is on the Lords Side? Malachi 1 – 2

1. The __________________ of God gives us our purpose and identity as God’s sons and daughters. (Ephesians 3:15)

2. Burden means a weighty word full of meaning, an ______________.

3. The oracle of the Lord through Malachi from the Father is this, “I have ______________ you.” (Malachi 1:2)

4. Our ______________ love for God is tied to understanding His ______________ love for us. (Revelation 2:2-4; 1 John 4:19)

5. Gods first love is demonstrated by Him ______________ us His beloved Son. (John 3:16)

6. Three symptoms of ______________ our first love for the Lord:

  1. The Father loses ______________ place in our hearts by not honoring His name. (Malachi 1:6)

  2. We cease to offer the Lord our ______________ in worship and service. (Malachi 1:7-11)

c. We become ______________ and weary in our Christian life. (Malachi 1:13)

7. Our first love is a fiery love like the ______________ love Levi had for the Lord. (Exodus 32:26; Numbers 25:11)

8. The Father wants us to be ________________ stirring up others to love the Lord.

1. Fatherhood, 2. oracle, 3. loved, 4. first; first, 5. giving, 6. leaving, a. first, b. best, c. bored 7. zealous, 8. Firebrands

Questions to Ponder

  1. Our Father in heaven, understanding this, how has it affected your life?

  2. Describe what a first love for the Lord looks like.

  3. Read the three symptoms of falling from your first love in question 6, which one speaks to you today and why?

  4. Leviticus 6:13, the Lord says there should always be a fire on my altar. Our hearts are the Fathers altar. What makes a believer a firebrand lighting fires in others for the Lord?