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Snapshots of the Bible Week 3

Feb 10, 2019

Preacher: Loren Houltberg

Series: Snapshots of the Bible


Snapshots of the Gospel




  1. When the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith Jesus told a story about ________________. (Luke 17:5-10)


  1. Jesus taught, ________________ in the Kingdom of God is found in servanthood. (Matthew 20:26)


  1. The attitude of the disciples in Matthew 20:20-28 was no different than the attitude of the ________________ in Matthew 23:1-12.Jesus had to correct this.


  1. The last vivid ______________ Jesus left his disciples was on servanthood. (John 13)


  1. “If people don’t see servanthood in your church it will be hard for them to see ______________ in the church” (Wayne Cordeiro, Christian Leadership is Servant Leadership)


  1. To be a servant leader you must:


  1. Be rooted and grounded in the ______________ of God. (John 13:1)


  1. Be secure in your ______________. (John 13:3)


  1. Be ______________ with humility. (John 13:4; 1 Peter 5:5-6)


  1. Know that you are ______________ (John 13:10) and stay clean.


  1. If we want to be where Jesus is today we must ______________ others in love. (John 12:26)





  1. servanthood,2. greatness, 3. Pharisees,  4. lesson, 5. Jesus,  6. A. love,  B. identity, C. clothed,  D. clean,  7. serve




Questions to Ponder



  1. How does servanthood increase your faith?


  1. Define a servant attitude in your home, at your work, in your neighborhood.


  1. Where is your place of servanthood in the church?


  1. Why do you think Jesus taught on servanthood as His last lesson to the disciples?