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Where Are You in the Story? (Part 7)

May 07, 2017

Preacher: Loren Houltberg

Series: A Gospel For A Busy World - A Study of the Kingdom of God in the Book of Mark


Gospel for A Busy World Part 7

Where Are You in The Story?

Mark 4:35-41


  1. God is a ____________ God and He invites the church to join Him in His mission.


  1. ________ is a more dangerous word than follow.


  1. The mission of God includes the ____________ church taking the ____________ gospel to the ____________ world.


  1. Where are you in the story?


  1. Are you on the safe side ____________?
  2. Are you on the safe side ____________?

Courage is fear that has said their prayers.

  1. Are you one of the little boats that turned ____________ when things got rough?
  2. Are you on your way in ____________ waters? Rejoice!
  3. Are you in the doldrums and Jesus is ____________? Abide!
  4. Are you in the middle of a ____________? Trust!
  5. Can you view the other side? Wait!
  6. Are you on the other side waiting for a new adventure? Listen!


  1. The danger of the church in exile is to abandon the faith and be _______________ into the world, settle for ____________, or retreat to a private castle.


  1. The right response to the church in exile is to be a Joseph, Esther, or Daniel.






  1. missionary, 2. Go,  3. whole, whole, whole,  4. (a) bored, (b) afraid, (c) back,  (d) smooth, (e) silent, (f) storm,                
  2. assimilated, 6.  response